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Occupational Health and Safety Policy

For Our Values, We Value People.
Occupational Health and Safety

Full Compliance with the Legislation

Adopting the humanist philosophy, Gündüz Trafo aims to minimize any loss that may occur by providing a safe, healthy and peaceful working environment to the Gündüz Trafo family by recognizing that the most valuable asset is a human being.

Gündüz Trafo Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As Gündüz Trafo, we maintain this commitment to occupational health and safety and make sure that our employees and our workplace are always at the highest level of protection. This commitment to the safety and health of the working environment is a reflection of the respect we have for our customers and business partners.

People-Oriented Approach

We believe that the most valuable asset of our workplace is our employees. For this reason, we aim to minimize all kinds of losses by providing a safe, healthy and peaceful working environment to the Daytime Transformer family.

Compliance with the Law and Legislation

As Gündüz Trafo, we continue our determination to ensure full compliance with occupational health and safety legislation. This guarantees that our employees and our workplace are under legal protection.

Risk Management and Control

We manage the health and safety risks that may occur in our business processes effectively. We identify, evaluate and minimize the risks by taking precautions. This helps us to ensure the safety of our employees.

Education and Physical Equipment

We provide the necessary trainings for our employees to do their jobs safely. In addition, we meet occupational health and safety standards by providing appropriate physical equipment.Jul.

Employee Health and Safety

Our company gives the highest priority to the health and safety of its employees. We identify and evaluate potential risks in the workplace and continuously make improvements to provide effective protection against these risks.

Education and Awareness

We aim to ensure compliance with workplace safety standards and to create awareness at every level by providing OHS trainings to our employees on a regular basis. This contributes to the adoption of safe working habits and the prevention of occupational accidents.

Risk Management

We identify potential risks in our business processes and develop effective risk management strategies to minimize these risks. In addition to ensuring that our employees work in a safe environment, this is also a critical element for business continuity and efficiency.

Legal Compliance

We take the necessary steps to ensure full compliance with local and national OHS laws. All our activities at our workplace are carried out in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Let's Leave A Livable World for Future Generations...

As Gündüz Trafo, we combine our leadership in energy solutions with the principle of “Respect for Nature, Commitment to the Future”.

Customized Production

We are here to design and manufacture transformers, regulators, rectifiers and other products specific to your needs. We meet your energy needs in the best way by providing you with customized solutions.

High Quality Products

Our special production products are of high quality and reliable. We offer products that exceed industry standards and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Our Professional Team

Our experienced and expert team is here to offer you customized solutions. We use the latest technology to design and implement energy solutions suitable for your needs. We are here to provide you with a special service.

By choosing Gündüz Trafo, you will have a solution partner that combines personalized production, quality and professionalism Decoupled. Contact us to walk safely into the future.

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